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Phillis Wheatley's children's name are not listed anywhere. All three of her children died in infancy. She was married to John Peters.

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Her children's names were George, Mary, and Eliza Hole, and were named after her husband, John Peters.1

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phillis wheatley kids name were George, Mary and Eliza

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Her children's names were Reuben albert wheatley, Mary, Phillip wheatley, Eliza Hole, and George .

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the names are george, mary, and eliza

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Q: What was the names of Phillis Wheatley's kids?
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What was Phillis Wheatleys kids names?

She had three kids. Two died first then the other died 23 minutes after she gave birth.

Did phillis wheatleys have any kids?

She had 2 girls and 1 boy thank you very much

What did phillis wheatleys third child die from?

Phillis Wheatley did not have a Third Child.

What was phillis wheatleys husband named?

John Peters

What is phillis wheatleys middle name?

her middle name was Sasha

Who was phillis wheatleys mom?

there is not enough info for us to know who her mom was.

Phillis wheatleys husbands name?

John Peters, a freed slave who was a grocer.

What are phillis wheatleys significances?

Was th first notable African female Poet in America

What should you learn from Phillis Wheatly?

phillis wheatly had 119990 kids there names: kid kid kid kdid kdiidkmkd dkjnjs

What were phillis wheatleys hobbies?

her hobbies were to write books and poems she was the first African American poet.

Who was phillis wheatleys friends?

Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Lloyd, and Pherrel were some of Phillis Wheatley's Closest friends!

Why were Phillis Wheatleys poems first published in England and not in the colonies?

She became a strong support in New England. She is now famous throughout New England.