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The Okies and it didn't matter if you were born and raised in Kansas.

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Okies, mainly because of all the migrants moving from the south and mid west (particularly form Oklahoma) during the dust bowl period.

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Q: What was the nickname for the migrant farmers in 1930?
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How did migrant workers travel in 1930's?

On foot

What was the nickname of the plains farmers?

The nickname for plains farmers is okies.

What did Steinbeck do to prepare for his book The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck?

He wrote articles about migrant farmers.

Where did many of these migrant farmers go from the dust bowl?

to California

What was true about bonanza farmers?

They were farmed by day laborers or migrant workers. Apex

What problems did farmers and migrant workers face?

animals eating their crops and hoodlums robbing them

What was the most common destination africans American migrant between 1910 and 1930?

Northern cities - Apex

What do you want to know about a 1930s migrant farm worker?

Today you can still find '''migrant workers''' in '''''California USA.''''' In the 1930's '''1.3 million Americans''' from the Midwest & the Southwest '''migrated''' to '''California''', they already had a population of '''5.7 million in the 1930's.''' People in the 1930's were very racist so they split the '''black people''' up away from the '''white people'''. They were always '''discriminated and yelled at.''' '''In 1930's''' the migrant workers '''travelled by foot''' because they had nothing for '''transportation.''' '''Migrant workers''' lived on farms all over the '''united states of America'''. They even lived on '''camps where they felt safer.''' '''A migrant worker''' is someone who is '''white Midwestern''', who worked on a '''farm''' in the '''1930's''' they wanted to live a better life by '''labour in California.''' '''I hope that you learnt a lot from this, I got a lot of my ideas from the ''book'' -''' ''Of mice and men (John Steinbeck)''

What actors and actresses appeared in The Jolly Farmers - 1930?

The cast of The Jolly Farmers - 1930 includes: Robert Chigwell as George Meadows Claude Fitzgerald as The Jolly Farmers Stanley Kirkby Tubby Phillips Edward Reach as The Jolly Farmers Albert Wyndham as The Jolly Farmers

Who are the people who work in an farmland?

They are called farmers. However sometimes farmers hire temporary workers called farm hands. If the farm hands travel from job to job, they are called migrant workers.

What is the nickname of the 1930's decade?

The Age of the Depression

Nickname of the Great Plains in the 1930's?

Dust Bowl