Who were the Okies and Arkies?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The "Okies and Arkies" were migrant farmers moving from Oklahoma (Okie), Arkansas (Arkie), and Texas to California during the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl.

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Farmers who moved out west to find work - APEX US History

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Q: Who were the Okies and Arkies?
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What was an Okie or Arkie?

Okies is the nickname for people from Oklahoma. Arkies is the nickname for people from Arkansas. The Okies and Arkies were farmers who moved to California during the Great Depression.

What were the migrants during the great depression called and why?

The migrants during the Great Depression were commonly known as "Okies" or "Arkies" because many of them came from Oklahoma and Arkansas. They were forced to move due to severe drought, widespread poverty, and economic hardship. These migrants were searching for better opportunities, mainly in California, where they faced challenging living conditions and often worked as agricultural laborers.

Where do most Okies migrate to?

Most Okies migrated to California

The largest group of farmers affected by the dust bowl?


How do you think the arrival of so many okies affected native californian?

Most Californians at the time would have considered the Okies as a burden to society. The sudden influx of Okies into California caused taxes to go up, and increased competition for jobs. For these reasons, Okies faced a lot of discrimination.

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Where did the Okies migrate to?


What do you call someone from Oklahoma?

Oklahomans is the correct Demonym however only a rare few take offense to Okies.

How did many Californians react to the arrival of Dust Bowl migrants?

It effected California because they had to worry about the Okies. They truly hated the Okies. They even called them cuss words and dumb okies. Okie children had a hard time in public schools. They got in a lot of fights just because of who they were. That is pretty sad!

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