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They use spears and arrows that they make from trees and bamboo.

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Q: What weapons do Amazonian tribes use?
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What sort of weapons tools and utensils did the amazonian South American Indians use?

the weapons tools and utensils used by amazonian south amerincan indians were sex tools forks

What cultures have interacted with amazonian Indians?

most of the the Indians tribes have interacted with amazonian indians

What weapons did makah tribes use?

they used your mom

What tools and weapons did the zuni tribes use?


What are the problems facing amazonian tribes?

they are not suvrviving cause the loss of trees

What were some weapons use by the ojibwa tribes?

spears and bow and arrows

Is there cannibal in Amazon?

It is said that there are still tribes deep in the Amazonian Forests that still practice cannibilism.

What did Cherokee tribes weapons look like?

Cherokee tribes weapons looked awesome!

What are the names of boys in an amazonian tribe?

Some common names for boys in Amazonian tribes include Tukã, Kaimbé, Juma, and Kurupira. Names can vary depending on the specific tribe and cultural traditions.

What kinds of weapons did the southeast Indian tribes use?

tomahawks, jawbone clubs, and war club

What is the amazonian tribes traditional dress?

Traditional dress among Amazonian tribes typically consists of minimal clothing made from natural materials such as leaves, bark, feathers, and animal skins. They often incorporate bright colors and intricate patterns, representing their cultural identity, beliefs, and connection to nature. Each tribe has unique designs that reflect their traditions and rituals.

What were the Dunne za tribes weapons?

the used knifes