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In 1979 the United States officially recognized the Peoples' Republic of China diplomatically, transferring official relationships to Beijing from Taipei.

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Q: When did US recognize communist China?
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Why didn't the US government recognize the people's republic of China as China's true govern?

The People's Republic of China is a Communist government. The US was completely opposed to communism. It supported the Nationalists, which is Taiwan, so it didn't recognize the People's Republic as the true government.

What effect did communist China have on military struggle during the Cold War?

China was a wild card during the Cold War. They fought the United States in the Korean War when they thought MacArthur might invade China; it had nothing to do with them being 'communist'. While many in the US Congress thought China automatically supported the USSR, that was incorrect. The Chinese wanted to be recognized by the US, and only supported the Soviets as a way of forcing the US to recognize them. After Nixon went to China, the Chinese took a pro-capitalist stance that made them the economic powerhouse they are today.

What was the external communist threat in the Korean war?

The communist superpowers; USSR & Red China (Nationalist China was a US Ally).

How does the coastline of china compare with the coastline of the US?

China's coast is more communist

How is China's communist government the same as US government?

its not

What was the relationship between communist china and the US in 1949?


Did china support us during Vietnam war?

No. The Communist government of China supplied limited and grudging support to the communist North Vietnamese government.

How are China and the US laws different?

in china there laws are in chinease us laws are in English

Where did the US and communist China fight?

No America never fought with China , but they fought with North Korea.

Who did the US and the UN recognize as the true government of china?

For the bulk of the cold war, the US tried to recognize Nationalist China as the real China, due to General Chang Kai Shek and his wife and the historical friendship the US had with them from WWII. But upon their deaths, as well as the Vietnam War, Red China soon evolved over time to be recognized, because of the negotiations that had to be done (extracting ourselves out of the war & getting our POWs returned). Nixon's visit to Communist China did alot to bring recognition to that nation. After all, just showing up there, demonstrated that the country existed.

Why did the US recognize China's communist government?

They had way to big an army for us to handle. Otherwise, we fought a war with Vietnam, Korea, and many other countries to prevent communism. Answers: I don't think USA has the right to control the social system of China and other countries. WinPST Share Outlook

Who was at war in the Korean War?

The republic of South Korea backed by the US and communist North Korea backed by communist china.