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About around the time of 1853. Might be exact, might not. Do some research and help Wikianswers out!!! -WikiElki

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Q: When did the US acquire West Florida?
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What territory did the US acquire from Spain in 1819?


From What nation did US acquire Florida?


How did the U.S acquire the territory of Florida?

The US acquired the territory of Florida from Spain ceding it to the US.

What state did the US acquire during James monroes presidency?


Was the Secretary of State who helped acquire Florida for the US.?

John Quincy Adams.

Where does US 1 begin in Florida?

US 1 begins in Key West, Florida.

Did the US acquire Florida?

On February 22, 1819 after it's Adams-Onís Treaty with Spain.

Key west the southern most city in the US is located in Florida correct the sentence?

Key West - the southernmost city in the US - is located in Florida.

How did the US acquire Florda?

The US acquired Florida through the Adam-Onis Treaty, this was between Spain and The U.S which was to settle boarder disputes, it gave Florida from Spain to The U.S.

Who was secretary of state who helped acquire Florida for the US?

John Quincy Adams.

Which to dependencies in the west Indies belong to the US?


Where do drought happen in the us?

--novasoal-- in the west or florida.