When was Sacagaweas daughter born?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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sometime in 1812 she died while being born

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Lisette was born is 1812.

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Q: When was Sacagaweas daughter born?
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When was Sacagaweas child born?


What is Sacagaweas name that she had when she was born?

When she was born her name was Bird Woman that was her name when she was born

When was sacagawea baby born?

sacagaweas baby was born on march 23 1994

What is Sacagaweas boys name?

sacagaweas sons name is jean baptiste charbonneau.

What happened to Sacagaweas daughter?

she grew up got married and lived happily ever after

Did Sacagaweas husband marry after Sacagaweas death?

Yes he did into another Indian tribe and died at the age of 96.

Who were Sacagaweas kids?


What was sacagaweas role in the corps of discovery?

She act as translator and guide.

What was Sacagaweas husbunds name?


What was Sacagaweas dads name?


What is Sacagaweas birthplace?

The best answer is...Idaho =)

What are all of Sacagaweas accomplishments?

she was an explorer