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pueblos made of rock and clay


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Q: Where did the Hopis and the Zunis live in?
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What does The Hopis and Zunis call the invisible life force spirits?


Who are the zunis and where can they be found?

Zunis are an Indian tribe in the Southwest who are very sacred people. Zunis live in the United States in New Mexico.

What type of landform did the zunis Indians live in?


Where do hopis live in?


Did Hopis live in the desert or the woods?


What are the Zuni Indians?

they do the iphone ceremony \

When was O Zeta Zunis created?

O Zeta Zunis was created in 2010.

How did the Hopi live?

The Hopis lived in teepees that had a fire pit in the middle.

Did the hopis live by any rivers or oceans?

The hopi lived near a river.

What year did the Hopis Indians lived in?

They live today right now in arizona

Why did the Hopis Dance?

The Hopis danced because they believed that the Hopis spirts will come to them and dance

Which indigenous tribe did not once live in what is know Mexico?

There are many of them including the Arawaks, Eskimos or Zunis.