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Zunis are an Indian tribe in the Southwest who are very sacred people. Zunis live in the United States in New Mexico.

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Q: Who are the zunis and where can they be found?
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Coronado found the villages of the .?


Coronado found the villages of the ________.?


When was O Zeta Zunis created?

O Zeta Zunis was created in 2010.

Where are the Zunis located?

New Mexico

Estebanico died when?

when he was captured by the zunis they saw his medicine bottle had owl feathers on it and owl feathers mean death for the zunis so they didn't trust him

Who was the zunis tribes leader?

I don't know you boob

What type of landform did the zunis Indians live in?


What were the Zunis willow baskets made of?

willow trees

What did the zunis eat?

The three sisters, Meat, Wheat and Fish.

What does The Hopis and Zunis call the invisible life force spirits?


Where did the Hopis and the Zunis live in?

pueblos made of rock and clay++G WAS HERE++

What were the zunis Indians religious beliefs?

they r the moon sun and mother nature