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The utes came to Utah in the 1880

it is believed that they came sometime in the year of 1886

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In tepies because they had to follow buffilo herds

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The Ute Indians came from Utah

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Q: Where did the Utah Ute Indians live?
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Where did the utes live?

The ute Indians live in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Neveda.

How did Utah's nickname get its name?

Utah got its nickname from the Ute Indians and before the Ute indians were there the mormon settlers called them the beehive state, lake tahoe state, and desert state. Utah got its name from the ute indians also.

Where did Ute Indians live?

The Utes lived in and around the area of what is now the State of Utah. They also live in reservations located in colorado

What did the Utah Ute Indians eate?

Mormon settlers... yum.

Why did ute Indians get Utahs name?

They didn't Utah comes form ute meaning "people of the mountains"

What was Utah's original name?

It was named (as were many states) for the Ute tribe of native Americans.

What did the ute Indians live in?

a tipi

What are the Indians called?

Several Native American tribes can be found in Utah. The most common are Ute, Paiute, and Navajo.

Who were the earliest people to live in Utah?

The Ute Tribe,Mormon pioneers and Navojo Idians

Where do Pie Ute Indians live?

Eastern side of the Sierra Nevada

What is the meaning of the word Utah?

Utah is named after the Ute tribe of Native Americans that were common in the area. The word Ute means people of the mountains, and it is said that the word Utah means mountain top or top of the mountains.

Where did goshute indians live?

in Nevada and Utah