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They currently live in Nevada and Utah.

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Q: Where do the shoshone Indians live?
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Where do shoshone Indians live?

The Shoshone Indians live in several different places. The tribe was spread out. They live in Wyoming, Idaho, California, Montana, Utah, and Nevada.

What houses did the Shoshone Indians live in?

The Shoshone natives lived in teepes

Where in US do the shoshone Indians live?

They live in Wyoming.

Did Shoshone Indians live in tepees?


When did the shoshone Indians live?

they traded beads they traded beads for the things they did not have

Where the warriors that came to the village of the shoshone Indians from Canada?

No, they were Indians too.The Indians were from an enemy tribe of the Shoshone Indians.

Do shoshone Indians live in Arizona?

The Shoshone tribe did occupy Arizona during much of their history. They were forced onto reservations in Wyoming in the 1870s.

What did the Shoshone Indians live in?

They lived in tepees in Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and California.

What Indians live in Wyoming today?

the crow, the Shoshone, the Ute and the Arapaho tribes.

How many Shoshone Indians are left today?

There are around 1200 Shoshone indians today.

What kind of region did the Shoshone Indians live in mountain area or plains area?

southwest region

Where did the Paiute Shoshone live?

The Shoshone territory included Idaho, California, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming. Out of that area Idaho had the largest population of Shoshone Indians. In 1905, one clan of the Shoshone had their own trail of tears when they were forcibly removed from their homeland and made to go live in Fort Hall, Idaho.