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southwest region

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Q: What kind of region did the Shoshone Indians live in mountain area or plains area?
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What culture group lived in the great plains region?


What region is natches Indians?

great plains

Which region of the the US has no mountain?

The Plains

What was the northwest of Plains Indians like?

The Northwestern tribes were not plains tribes. They were in a different region from the plains.

What region did the Comanche Indians live in?

northern plains i belive

What group of American Indians lived in the plains region?


What region of Texas did the Karankawas Indians live in?

coastal plains

What region did the Comanche Indians live?

northern plains i belive

What is a region that has similar landforms such as plains mountain or valleys?


What did the woodland Indians live in?

The Iroquois Indians lived in the coastal plains region(Eastern Woodlands)

What region did the Wichita's live in?

The Wichita Indians lived in the Great Plains.

What region did the Sioux Indians settle in?

The Sioux Indians settled in the Great Plains Region. Im doing a project about it in my 5th grade class.