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California hunters

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Q: Which Indians lived in the Central Valley or the Mountain Region?
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Where did the Cheyenne?

The Cheyenne Indians lived, no doubt, in California. I think in the Mountain Region..........or is it the Central Valley Region?

What region did Maidu Indians live in?

Central Valley Region

What region the Maidu Indians lived in?

The North Central Valley

What region is Lake Tahoe located in coastal central valley mountain or pacific ocean?


Is Coachella Valley in the Central Valley Region?

is coachella valley in the central valley region?

What are some facts about Central Valley vegetation?

the four regions of CA is the coastal region the mountain region the desert region and the central valley region.

What Indian tribe was closest to the miwok tribe?

The Miwok Indian tribe is in between the central valley region and the mountain region.

Is Yosemite in the Central Valley or Mountain Ranges?

It is in the Central Valley.

Is Tokyo a valley or mountain region?

. Valley

Where did the fertile soil from the sierra Nevada wash to?

to the central valley region

Is Sacramento located in a valley or in a mountain region?

in a valley .

What is Sacramento region?

the central valley region, not the coastal region