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Elizabeth Eckford is still alive.

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She is living in Colorado Springs........

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Q: Where do Elizabeth Eckford live today?
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What is elizabeth eckford mother and father name?

Oscar and Birdie Eckford

Is Elizbeth Eckford alive?

Yes Elizabeth Eckford is still alive.

Does elizabeth eckford have a husband?

Elizabeth Eckford never married. She does have two sons, one of which was killed in a standoff with the police. Eckford was a member of the Little Rock Nine.

Where and when was Elizabeth Eckford born?

Elizabeth Eckford was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, United States on October 4th 1941 .

How old is elizabeth eckford?


Why was elizabeth eckford so important to the community?

she was

Who did elizabeth eckford Mary?

johnny cash

What is elizabeth eckford's address?

Is Elizabeth Ann Eckford still alive?


What is elizabeth eckford's email address?

Who said What are you going to be called now?

Elizabeth Eckford

Is Elizabeth Eckford Alive?

Yes, she is still alive