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she was

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Q: Why was elizabeth eckford so important to the community?
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What happened to Elizabeth Ann Eckford at Little Rock Nine?

[she went to school and everyone of the guards were around her and they were looking at her really mean. she wanted to go to the front door but there was alot of people around there so she had go to the back and take a big fart to release her stress]--This information is... stupid. What happened was Elizabeth was one of the first African American students to attend Little Rock Central High School. She was greeted by angry White students who abused her and yelled racial comments at her. The following day, President Dwight D. Eisenhower sent U.S. Army troops to accompany the students to school for protection. The troops were stationed at the school for the entirety of the school year.

What kind of activities bring communities together?

Communities are so important to our culture, and there are many ways that communities are brought together, such as and not limited to; community gardens, festivals, concerts, fund raisers and school functions.

Is Bessie Blount the same person as Elizabeth Blount?

If you're looking for the Bessie or Elizabeth Blount who was in The Tudor times (She was born 1502 then died 1539 or 1540),she was one of Henry VIII's mistresses, and probably one the most important too, because she bore Henry VIII a son, called Henry FitzRoy who King Henry acknowledged as his own son, and he might have legitimized him, but Henry FitzRoy died of consumption in 1536. Also, Elizabeth or Bessie had been the king's mistress for probably the longest time than any of his other mistresses. Elizabeth/Bessie's real name was Elizabeth Blount, she was daughter of Sir John Blount. 'Bessie Blount' is short for Elizabeth Blount or 'Bessie Blount' is better known as Elizabeth Blount than Elizabeth Blount. So yes, Bessie Blount and Elizabeth Blount is the same person. If you would like to find out more about Elizabeth or Bessie Blount, go to this link: "Bessie" is a common nickname for Elizabeth, as are 'Beth', 'Bess', and 'Betty'. Such names are most often written thus: Elizabeth 'Bessie' Blount.

Why is Bessie Coleman important to history?

so wh is she so important

What is Mary Elizabeth Bowser known for?

•Mary Elizabeth Bowser was known for spying and sending information to the Union military leaders. So, she went to the Confederate White House and got thatinformation.

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For Elizabeth it was very important to keep her looking young and strong, so that people would give her respect and accept her not as a weak and selfish princess but as a strong and reliable. Elizabeth demonstrated how rich and powerful she was. She used her portraits to spread her image around. Elizabeth kept a tight control over paintings of her that were produced. Every portraits that was painted of her had a message to her people.

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