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The best place to look for Native American arrow heads in Texas in El Paso. Amarillo is also another place where arrow heads have been found in plentiful over the years.

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Q: Where do you look to find native american arrow heads in Texas?
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What did Native American do?

they carved arrow heads and exchanged them for goods as a form of currency -he who runs with wolves

What did native Americans make a lot of?

They made arrow heads

How did early natives people use obsidian?

Early Native People used obsidian for money, arrow heads, knives, and spears.

How did Native Americans make arrowheads and how did they attach them?

They shaped the arrow heads out of flint and then attached them with leather strips.

How do you have arrow heads appraised?

We have the arrow heads appraised by pointing at the direction of something important.

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Arrow heads black arrow hrads

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the Indians made arrow heads so they could hunt for food and other things

What types of tools did native americans use make homes?

Native Americans used a few different tools to make their homes. Some of the tools used were spears, bows, arrows, and arrow heads.

These colossal heads were produced around 1200 to 900 BC by the Native American peoples of?


The colossal heads were produced around 1200 to 900 Bc the Native American people of?


Is there explosive arrow heads?

No. They were made of flint.

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