Where does the waorani tribe live?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Where does the waorani tribe live?
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How does the Waorani tribe live?

The Waorani Tribe were able to live by surviving off of animals and plants in the rainforest. They lived in homes that housed up to 18 people and used blowpipes, with poison from trees, as weapons. They were a nomadic tribe, but resourceful with what they had to live on.

What tools do the waorani tribe have?

the Waorani tribe have many different tools and the make many of them some they get from trading.

Name another tribe in the Amazon rainforest?

the waorani tribe we watched a video aout it in geography

What do the Waorani Tribe wear?

they wear a long peice of cloth around the stomach

What do the worani tribe keep as pets?

the waorani tribe have many different pet.they have Eagles to protect them from strangers.and they have spider monkeys.

What type of food do the Waorani tribe eat?

birds monkeys anything thing they can catch theyalso eats some kinds of veg

What do the Waorani Tribe eat?

what the mothers give them to eat. mostly its boiled carrots with raw chicken. in sweet dish the popular dish is stuffed cucumber.

What do the waorani hunt?

The Waorani hunt various animals for food, including monkeys, tapirs, peccaries, and birds. They also hunt for fish in the rivers and streams that are abundant in their territory.

How did the Waorani show Rachel that they glad she was living among them?

Waorani were glad they bowed down to her and hugged her to welcome her back.

What is another name for the Waodani?


What do the waorani tribe in the amazon rainforest eat?

they would eat howler monkeys,a type of wild pig ( the children hunt birds and other small animals)and vegetables that they grow there selves.

Where do the caboclos tribe live?

The Tribe live in the Amazon Rainforest ...... I think ??