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songhai's Empire

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Q: Which African kingdom developed in the African savannas?
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What African kingdom developed along the upper Nile River?

The kingdom of Kush

Which African kingdom developed earliest?

Poolanduatiatyrular Kingdom also known as the poo-land kingdom

Are there human influences in African Savannas?

Yes ,human influences in African savannas are grass removal, poaching and pollution.

Who were the people that came from the African savannas south of the Sahara?

who were the people who came from African savannas south of the Sahara

What is the African savannas?

wet lands

What covers the savannas of Africa?

Determinants of woody cover in African savannas. These tropical and subtropical savannas occupy large land areas

African kingdom developed along upper Nile River in 1000 BC-150 AD?

The kingdom of Kush

What does African grassland mean?

African grasslands means the plains and savannas in Africa.

How many animals live in the African savannas?


What is a servals habitat?

eastern african wetlands and savannas

Which tribe lives in the African savannas?

the maasai tribe

Where do most people in African savannas live?

the climate is mild and and pleasant in the grasslands the climate is mild and and pleasant in the grasslands