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I need the answer myself,anyone help me out here? its myhomework...:/

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Q: Which Native American nation's nomadic life depended on the horse buffalo and open land?
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Which native American nation's nomadic life depended on horses buffalo and open land?

I need the answer myself,anyone help me out here? its myhomework...:/

What animal did the nomadic Indians depend on?

Although they rode horses, they didn't have cattle. Their version of a cow was a buffalo. They ate the meat, used the skins for clothes and blankets, and made dozens of other products from other parts of the buffalo. This totally would depend upon the tribe. It was was plains Indians who relied upon the buffalo. The far Northwest tribes depended upon fish and sea life. The Woodland tribes depended upon the bear, beaver, deer, etc. It is important to realize that Native American consisted of several tribes spanning the country.

What native American group moved place from place?

The Sioux tribe had to move from place to place about every 3 months when the buffalo migrated. The buffalo's gave them food, clothing and shelter and would have died without them. They moved their tipi's quickly to follow the buffalo. Further to the above answer - In fact, it wasn't JUST the Sioux that 'moved from place to place'- all the buffalo hunting Plains nations were nomadic or semi nomadic, they had to be to follow the herd. That said, most of them did settle in a winter camp for the cold months.

Why were the native Americans nomadic people?

They needed to be nomadic, because they have to follow the buffalo to survive.

Were the mohawk tribes nomadic?

Yes they were nomadic they followed the buffalo because that was there main food source

Did buffalo live around New York in Native American times?

There were no Bison (Buffalo) in New York, or that area. Bison are nomadic grazers that travel in very large herds, as such they are not well suited to wooded areas.

What nomadic plains nation followed buffalo?


Were the Sioux a nomadic people?

Yeah, they moved with the buffalo herds.

Wichita Indian tribes are they nomadic or sedentary?

The Witchita Indians were nomadic because they had to follow their food (buffalo) wherever it went.

Did Apache Native American's Travel?

The Plains Apache were nomadic peoples and traveled to follow the buffalo when they migrated. I haven't really learned much about other Apache tribes...

Who were nomadic Indians?

Most of the Native American Indian tribes in the United States were nomadic peoples. The Cheyenne and the Sioux were tribes that moved with the seasons and with the buffalo herds. Others were forced to move around to find food or keep away from the soldiers who were trying to do them harm.

Are the nomadic people native Americans?

Some native nations were nomadic but not all. Here is a link that identifies some of the nations you would be looking for.