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Dividing the land for individuals to own

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dividing the land for the individuals to own

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Forcibly gathering and then moving the Native American people from their homelands and herding them onto reservations hurt their way of life immeasurably. Americans have no right to point fingers at any other countries regarding shameful treatment of natives.

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What actions by whites hurt the American Indian way of life?

Divide the land for individuals to own.

What action by whites hurt the Native American way of life?

Cutting to the bottomline, the white settlers simply, overtime pushed the Native Americans form the East to further and further west. The US broke treaties with the Native Tribes and caused havoc among them. They were force into "Indian Reservations". Their homelands were all taken away. This happened all over the Western Hemisphere. Whether it was the Spanish, British, French or the US, their land was taken.

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Who got hurt most by the Indian removal act?

The Native Americans did.

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Which group of native Americans were most hurt by jacksons removal policy?

Native American tribes that lived east of the Mississippi River were the people most hurt by Andrew Jacksonâ??s Indian Removal Policy. These people did not know where they could go, how to survive on foreign lands, or who they could trust.