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democratic-republians believed in a strong state government.

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Q: Which early political party believed in strong state government and rule by people?
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What group believe in a strong central government?

The Federalists believed in a strong federal government.

Political party that believed in a strong government run by the wealthy government aid to business and a pro British foreign policy?


What political party favors a strong federal government?

In the 1790's Alexander Hamilton and the Federalist Party favored a strong centralized federal government and wanted the individual states to ratify the constitution, even though it meant the states had to give up some of their powers to the federal government.

Who believed that a strong central government could limit the rights of people?


This political scientist and author of Democracy in America believed that the delegation of government to the states was one of the strong points of the American system?


Why was a stronger central government needed?

The founding fathers believed that a strong centralized government was necessary to eliminate each colonized state from having too much political control.

What did Alexander Hamilton believe about people?

He was a federalist and believed in a strong central government. He was the Secretary of Treasury in George Washington's cabinet and saved the contry from financial crisis. Hamilton created the National Bank which was disputed but was a major step in our government's growth.

Why did the Jeffersonians oppose strong national government?

Do you go to hinsdale south high school? After seeing King George III and his taxes, they were very afraid that the governors would succumb to corruption and ruin an already fragile government, in short. Thomas Jefferson, in particular, also believed that the people could run themselves without the interference of a strong national government; his political Federalist rival Alexander Hamilton was much more distrustful, much more pessimistic, and believed the people needed that government.

On what two political concepts did James Madison base the Constitution?

One of the political concepts that James Madison based the Constitution on was the fact that the Virginia Plan he had helped draft, was working and should be an example. He also believed that the people should be governed by a strong, central government.

The Democratic-Republicans believed in?

strong state government

As a strong Republican James Madison believed in what type of national government?

James Madison believed in a strong central government. One of the branches of this government was the legislative branch, which he believed should be set up by the Virginia Plan that he drafted for the constitutional convention.

Why did the people in the newly independent states fear a strong government?

Americans believed that the British government had deprived people of their rights. They thought this was likely to happen with any national government that was both powerful and far away from the people.