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A town allows only residential buildings in a certain area.

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A town allows only residential buildings in a certain area- Apex :3

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Q: Which of the these is an example of a zoning ordinance?
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What is an example zoning ordinance?

A city ordinance is a law passed by a city council. It has effect only within the city limits.

Examples of planning tools?

Comprehensive plan, zoning ordinance, subdivision ordinance

What is difference between act and ordinance?

An "Act" is a law passed by a legislative body. An "Ordinance" usually has to do with municipal governments, such as a county or city. Example: A law setting zoning standards for a community.

Does a commercial door need to be fire proof?

It depends on what the ordinance from building and zoning say in your locale.

How Can zoning regulations control animals?

Zoning regulations can control animals by restricting the number and type of animal allowed on a premises. Zoning laws differ from area to area so check the local zoning ordinance if planning on acquiring any animals especially if the animal in question is an exotic breed.

Definition of a zoning restriction?

A zoning restriction is a rule or regulation imposed by local government that dictates how a specific area of land can be used or developed. These restrictions typically outline permitted land uses, building heights, setbacks, lot sizes, and other factors to ensure orderly development and protect the health, safety, and welfare of a community. Violating zoning restrictions can result in fines or legal action.

Which of the following is an example of a land-use law?

A residential zoning ordinance

Is there an online Zoning Ordinance and map for West Brunswick Township Schuylkill County Pennsylvania?

No, few in Schuylkill County are, it would be best to get on the County of Schuylkill website in related links below and look up the township's zoning contact.

What is a municipal ordinance?

A municipal ordinance is a law or regulation passed by a local government, such as a city or town. These ordinances govern issues within the municipality, like zoning, noise levels, parking restrictions, and business licensing. Violating a municipal ordinance can result in fines or other penalties.

If a conditional use permit is granted and later an addition is being added to a building is a revision to the approved conditional use permit required?

Always check with your local zoning office. It depends on their zoning ordinance and what your conditional use was granted under.

What is a timber moratorium?

A Timber Moratorium puts a halt on the cutting of trees in the area. (source: Grays Harbor County zoning ordinance. (Washington State))

What has the author Charles B Seldomridge written?

Charles B. Seldomridge has written: 'Regional codes and ordinance study' -- subject(s): Zoning law