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New Jersey v. t.l.o.

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Q: Which of these cases set limits on searches of students in school?
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What are the limits of net neutrality?

Net neutrality allows all websites to share the burden equally when internet traffic becomes to heavy, in theory. The bill states that companies can shift the burden to website deemed less important in cases of "extraordinary congestion". However, "extraordinary congestion" is a meaningless term as it does not quantify how much congestion is "extraordinary congestion". In short, the limits of net neutrality are subject to change at the whims of whoever is in charge.

What is PCP-A in uptu?

There is an ordinance governing PCP-A cases (where a student has 3 CP & aggte. < 50 in both semesters). In such cases, the students have to improve the aggregate in the process of clearing the backs. He also has an option of in any paper of that year of his choice in lieu of aggte. < 50 to improve the aggte. Please read Ordinance clauses 8 an9 in full in this respect.

How many cases did Thurgood Marshall win?

Thurgood won 29 out of 32 cases

In what way was the Brown case different from previous segregation cases?

Previous school desegregation cases were based on arguments that used the inadequate equipment and buildings of segregated black schools as their premise of unfairness. Brown vs. Board of Education, on the other hand, argued that even if the facilities were equal in all other ways, it was the segregation that was the greatest injustice and in direct violation of the Fourteenth Amendment.

How did the Slaughterhouse cases affect American businesses?

They showed that businesses had rights.

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How do you pick school lockers?

You dont, darlin. The school in most cases give you one. Ive never heard of students choosing.

Why did high school students in los angeles hold walkouts?

Om March 1,1968, about 300 students a Wilson High School walked out of their classes to protest the cancelation of a,school play. The walkout, called a blowout by students, quickly spread. Within a week some 15,000 students had joined the protest. Police responded by arresting students, and in some cases, beating them.

What day do primary school students go back to school for 2009?

This depends on where you live, and, in most cases, which school district you have been assigned to. You will need to contact your child's school for a complete answer.

Is it against the law to search kids for cell phones at school?

In most cases, searching students for cell phones at school would require permission from parents or legal guardians, and must be conducted in accordance with school policies and legal guidelines. It is important to consider students' rights to privacy and ensure that searches are reasonable and respectful.

What is high school diploma in US?

Throughout high school, students have to pass a certain amount of class in order to graduate. In most cases a student needs their diploma in order to enroll in a secondary school

How far does a school bus go in an hour?

That would depend on where the school is and how far away from school the students live. Travel of 4 to 6 hours each way is quite possible in some cases

Are students legally allowed to leave school grounds without a signed permission slip?

In most cases, students are not allowed to leave school grounds without permission from a parent or guardian. Schools typically require a signed permission slip to ensure the safety and security of students. Leaving school grounds without permission could result in disciplinary action.

Who buys the equipment for the French students?

French schools provide schoolbooks. School bags, pencil cases, and other notebooks are bought by parents. There is no uniform in French schools, so students wear their casual clothes.

Is the school legally responsible for children's safety until they get home?

In most cases, schools are legally responsible for the safety of students while they are on school grounds or participating in school activities. However, once students leave school property and are no longer under the school's supervision, the school's responsibility for their safety may diminish. It is always recommended for parents to establish clear communication with the school regarding their child's safety and transportation arrangements.

What does a girls searches in boys sexually?

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Which Supreme Court cases recognized the need for emergency searches without a warrant?

Warden v. Hayden

Is it legal for teachers to keep kids in from lunch?

In most cases, it is not legal for teachers to keep students from lunch as it is considered a basic need and right for children to have access to food during the school day. If a teacher is preventing students from having lunch without a valid reason, it should be reported to school authorities.