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Answer this question… Truman Doctrine.

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Truman Doctrine.

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Q: Which postwar policy do the details in the excerpt below describe?
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Churchill called postwar Soviet policy in Eastern Europe the?

Iron Curtain

America's postwar containment policy was based on the assumption that the Soviet Union was fundamentally?


What has the author Wilfred Lewis written?

Wilfred Lewis has written: 'Federal fiscal policy in the postwar recessions'

What did churchill call the postwar Soviet policy in eastern Europe?

evidence in granting India and Burma independence

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He created the Korean War

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What has the author Laura E Hein written?

Laura E. Hein has written: 'Energy and economic policy in postwar Japan, 1945-1960'

What was containement?

to have something under controlled and protected from releaseContainment- A policy adopted by Harry Truman by which the U.S. worked to stop the spread of communism.