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Q: Which president helped America come through depression?
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What did President Franklin D. Roosevelt do?

President Franklin D. Roosevelt helped get America out of the Great Depression and guided us almost all the way through World War II.

Who helped in the great depression?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt the American president.....he promoised to bring America back on its legs in his election manifesto

Who was the President that helped during the Great Depression?

president Franklin D. Roosevelt

What did world war 2 do for the country?

It helped America get out of the Depression.

Who helped America conquer the great depression and how?

They gave them poo!

Why is William McKinley important today?

Because he helped America through the Spanish-American war, and he was the 25th president of the united states of America.

What president saw the majority of the Great Depression?

Herbert Hoover was president when the Great Depression started. The depression started after the Stock Market crashed in 1929. Franklin Roosevelt was a good president because he helped people get their jobs back again. In 1938 the Great Depression was over.

How did pearl harbor help America?

Pearl Harbour helped America because it got rid of the depression it was going through since 1929. In 1929, the wall street crash led America into a depression. Unemployment was high and people were starving, Roosevelt had introduced the New Deal which was helping but joining in WW2, which they did because of Pearl Harbour (when Japan attacked America), is what brought the economy back up. This happened because people were conscripted into the army, and more people were needed to build weapons. This helped end unemployment, and thus helped end the depression.

What made Franklin D. Roosevelt famous?

Franklin D Roosevelt was famous because he was the president of the United States from 1933 - 1945.

Which world event helped encourage authoritarianism in Latin America in the 1930s?

The great depression

How World War 2 helped lift America out of the great depression?

by exchange of stake

In his 1933 inaugural address President Roosevelt helped Americans see what?

He helped Americans to see that there were solutions to the problems of the Great Depression.