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Q: Which term describes African Americans who moved to the plains region?
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African Americans that migrated to the Great Plains were called?

African Americans that migrated to the Great Plains were called Exodusters.

Why did African Americans settle mostly in the coastal plains region?


What was the name given to African Americans who resettled in the central plains region of the US?


Why would Native Americans in the mountains and basins region live differently than those in the coastal plains?

thereThe Coastal Plains

What region depended on the work of enslaved African Americans for its economy?


Which region of the US has many counties in which African Americans are the majority?


Which region once supported the buffalo and the native Americans?

The Great Plains in central North America.

In which region did the Native Americans way of life change around 1700 with the introduction of horses?

Plains?? :)

Which region once supported Native Americans and millions of budfalo?

The plains and the midwest. I hope this was helpful.

What are the in the plains region?

There are teepees, buffalo, and horses in the Plains region.

What is the region of central plains?

a region in texas, in between the great plains and the coastal plains

The main types of art produced by the Native Americans of the Great Plains were portable because the tribes of that region were?