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Q: Which term is defined as having separate areas and rules for a group because of skin color?
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Can you set up a barrier to separate men and women in mosques?

The answer is yes. Usually, mosques have this separation by having different floors, different areas with separate entrances, having a curtain as separation, ...etc.

Separate areas and rules for a group because of skin color is called?


Why were metropolitan statistical areas defined?

Metropolitan statistical areas were defined by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget to provide a consistent definition of metropolitan areas for statistical data collection and analysis. These areas help in understanding population trends, economic activities, and urban development patterns in a standardized way across the country.

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Fibronodular densities are areas on an x-ray that are sharply defined but look roughly circular. They can be an indication of the person previously having a granulomatous disease.

In brazil what term is defined as large crowed impoverished areas?

In Brazil the term defined as large crowded impoverished areas is shanty. These are areas where most poor people live in makeshift shelters.

How were telephone areas defined before area codes?

Before area codes, telephone areas in North America were defined by reference to the nearest large city.

How to make a sentence using separate?

The restaurant has separate areas for smokers and non- smokers.

In Brazil what term is defined as large impoverished areas?


Which geography theme is defined as areas that have unique features?

the answer is regions

Why might it be important to preserve areas with high biodiversity?

it is important because it benefits humans by having a food source, having natural products , & an interest in science

Can pancreatic cancer be diagnoised by colonoscopy?

No. Two separate areas.

How could zoning be used to improve urban life?

By making it possible to separate industrial and residential areas -or- -Zoning made it possible to separate residential areas and makes them more liveable.