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Q: Which transportation breakthrough had the GREATEST impact on American industrialization between 1800 and 1850?
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Which transportation development had the greatest long-term impact on American economythe American?

I would say that the automobile was the transportation development that had the greatest long-term impact on the American economy. Just think of all the things that its invention affected--tourism, hotels, construction businesses, etc. Plus, the autombile is still affecting the American economy today.

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Ockham's razor.

Which change brought about industrialization had the greatest impact?

How is formed

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Which change brought about by industrialization had the greatest impact?

How is formed

What invention or technological development of industrialization had the greatest impact on society?


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White, native-born males

What animal did the Columbian exchange have the greatest effect on native American cultures?

The introduction of horses had the greatest impact on Native American cultures through the Columbian exchange. Horses revolutionized transportation, hunting, warfare, and trade for many indigenous communities in the Americas.

Which factor would have had the greatest positive effect on late nineteenth century American industrialization?

a large supply of cheap labor.... and this came directly from the Georgia eoct test prep from US History.

What was the greatest challenge to responding to the hurricane Katrina?

Transportation and logistics

The greatest single factor helping to spur the amazing industrialization of the post-Civil War years was?

the railroadnetwork

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