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Canadian-American James J. Hill was the creator of the Great Northern Railroad. He was a man of high public duty that believed that the railroad needed the land to be prosperous to thrive. The Great Northern Railroad didn't receive any land grants such as the other railroads. Hill did well in his construction of the rail.

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Q: Who built the Great Northern Railroad?
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The only transcontinental railroad built without land grants was the?

Great Northern

Which of these did not interstate commerce commission regulate?


Who promoted the Great Northern Railroad?

James J. Hill promoted the Great Northern Railroad.

What railroad ran through Crookston Minnesota in l930?

Both the Great Northern and Northern Pacific. Each had a bridge over the river. Today, the Great northern is the last railroad in Crookston

The northernmost of the transcontinental railroad lines?

The Great Northern

When were the first railroad tracks built?

great Britain

Who built the great northern railway system?

James J. Hill built the Great Northern Railway System

Who paid for the Great Northern Railroad?

Josiah Perham and investers

Who founded the great northern railroad?

john d Rockefeller

Why the great northern railroad was more successful than the northern pacific railroad?

The Great Northern railroads enabled the railroads to earn money by hauling goods both east and west, instead of lumbar like other railroads

After the first transcontinental railroad what were some others?

Santa Fe - Great Northern.

Which transcontinental railroad operated without government subsidies or land grants became the most successful and was only one not forced into bankruptcy?

The Great Northern Railway (GNR) operated without any government subsidies or land grants and was the only transcontinental railroad that was not forced into bankruptcy. It was primarily built by James J. Hill and his associates, who focused on cost-effective construction methods and efficient management. Despite facing challenges and competition, the Great Northern Railway became the most successful transcontinental railroad in the United States.