Who pays to conduct voting polls?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Political parties pay to have polls conducted prior to elections to gauge the electorate's take on various policies being offered by the competing parties and to see where they stand in terms of voter support.

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Q: Who pays to conduct voting polls?
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List two good reasons for following polls during a presidential campaign?

Primaries let the public nominate presidential candidates. Many think when they cast their ballot, they are voting for their candidate. In actuality, they are selecting groups of electors in the electoral college. These are two good reasons for following campaign polls during a presidential campaign. Watching the polls will let you know what's going on! -SMOOVE SETTLES-

Do all polls have to close before election results are announced?

Yes, of course! So as not to influence the voting.

What amendment outlawed the practice of charging a tax at the polls for people to vote?

The 24th amendment removed the ban on poll taxes and banned polling stations from prohibiting people from voting based on non-payment of taxes.

What are the major provisions of the 24th amendment?

The 24th amendment ends the taxes on polls. like voting. this was made because they thought that it was the peoples right to chose who they wanted to be in a public office and they should not have to pay to do so.

How did southern states prohibit African Americans from voting after reconstruction ended?

Even after the 15th Amendment white southerners mostly kept blacks away from the polls by intimidation. Also many clauses were added to keep blacks from voting such as the one that required them to be literate (the ability to read and write) to cast their ballot. There was also something a Poll Tax (a tax which was imposed on someone when they went to vote) which was only imposed upon the Africa Americans.