Who uses digital woodland camo?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The Marines use MARPAT which is commonly known as Digital Woodland. But the Navy does have some variants of Digital Camo known as AOR2 which is known as digital jungle or something similar

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Q: Who uses digital woodland camo?
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What is camo color for men?

What types of camo i know is................ 1.Digital Camouflage 2.Woodland Camouflage 3.Desert Camouflage 3.Class a Navy's Blue&White Camo

What is the Order Of camouflage unlocks call of duty modern warfare 2?

woodland, digital, urban, blue tiger, red tiger, fall camo

What camo does the us army use right now?

The digital Universal Camouflage Pattern (UCP) is the norm, but units deploying to Afghanistan are being issued MultiCam. Special operations units still have the option to use M81 woodland or the three color desert camo when they feel it appropriate to do such.

What is the camo closest to AOR2 besides AOR1?

US4CES Woodland or USMC Marpat woodland are very close ( desert MARPAT is close to AOR1 )

What is the difference of marine pattern and army pattern of camouflage?

The Army's current camouflage is a universal pattern that has sage green, desert tan, and medium gray in it. It also has a "digital" pattern, which means that instead of big blobs all over the uniform, it's a series of small squares.The Marine Corps currently uses two patterns of camouflage, woodland and desert. The woodland pattern has light brown, dark green, and black, all in a digital pattern like the Army. The desert pattern has desert tan, coyote brown, and dark brown, also in digital pattern. While in garrison, Marines wear the desert camo during the hotter months of the year with sleeves rolled up, and the woodland camo during the cooler months with sleeves down. Obviously, while deployed, they wear whatever pattern is best suited for the landscape.

How do you get camo on your gun in Battlefield 2?

To get all the camos for your guns ur gonna have to make headshots. The last camo you can get for your gun is to get 250 headshots to get fall camo,150 headshots to get red tiger,75 headshots to get blue tiger,30 headshots urban, 15 headshots digital, and 5 headshots for woodland

Why is urban camo red?

It isn't. The red camo you're referring to is a recoloured variant of the M81 woodland pattern. It's not a tactical uniform - it's a fashion accessory, and nothing more.

Where can one find a camo digital camera?

One can find a camo digital camera on various specialty camera merchants. One can also find them through online retailers such as nextag and trail n security cameras.

Are ocelots very protected?

yes. it uses its fur as camo

What is the name of one of the most common camo patterns in the US military from the 1981 to 2006?

You're probably thinking of the M81 Woodland pattern.

Where can you buy cheap bdus in marpat digital woodland pattern?

Many Army/Navy stores, including AFMO, carry BDU's in many camouflage patterns, including Marpat digital woodland.

What does they army wear when they go in to war?

They mostly wear camo related to the material of where they are going to,example, they are going to a snowy area and uses white camo