Who was little sorrel?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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General Stonewall Jacksons favourite horse

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Q: Who was little sorrel?
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Whose horse was named little sorrel?

General Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson's horse was named Little Sorrel.

What was thomas Stonewall Jackson's horses name?

"Little Sorrel" .

What was thename of Stonewall Jackson's famous horse?

Little Sorrel.

What are the common names of the sheep sorrel plant?

Field sorrel, red top sorrel, sour grass, common sorrel, and dog-eared sorrel.

Who was sorrel in Adam Bede?

Hetty Sorrel

What does sorrel mean?

A sorrel horse is a horse with red based colouring.

When was Sorrel Hays born?

Sorrel Hays was born in 1941.

Why is sorrel able to clean an aluminum pot?

Sorrel contain oxalic acid.

When was Moxley Sorrel born?

Moxley Sorrel was born on 1838-02-23.

When did Moxley Sorrel die?

Moxley Sorrel died on 1901-08-10.

How tall is Sorrel Golding?

Sorrel Golding is 5' 5 1/2".

How does wood sorrel get its energy?

How does the wood sorrel get it's energy?The wood sorrel gets it's energy is by the sun which produces the edible plant. Along with soil and water.