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Abraham Lincoln

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Q: Who was raised in the Midwest Jefferson or Lincoln?
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US capitals in the Midwest region?

Topeka? Springfield? Lincoln? Pierre? Jefferson City? Indianapolis? Helena? Cheyenne? Madison? Denver?

Which state capitals in the Midwest region are named for which President of the US?

Jefferson City, MO , Madison, WI Jackson, MS , and Lincoln, Nebraska are named for US presidents,

Was Thomas Jefferson friends with Abraham Lincoln?

No. Lincoln was only 17 when Jefferson died.

Who came first hoover jefferson or lincoln?


Who raised Abraham Lincoln?

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States. He was raised by his parents Thomas and Nancy Lincoln.

What is in the Midwest region and starts with the letter j?

· Jefferson City, Missouri

In what order are the presidents on Mount Rushmore?

The order of the US President heads carved on Mount Rushmore, from left to right areGeorge Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.(This is anachronistic, since Washington was 1st, Jefferson 3rd, Teddy 26th, and Lincoln 16th.)

Who are the presdients on Mount Rushmore?

The 4 presidents are:George WashingtonThomas JeffersonTheodore RooseveltAbraham Lincoln(presidents are from left to right on Mt. Rushmore)

Was president Lincoln raised by his parents?

yes. he was raised by his dad, (thomas lincoln) his mom, (nancy lincoln) and his stepmom (sarah lincoln). his real mother died of tremetol. (milk sickness)

Why was Jefferson from the south?

because he was raised in the south

Is the lincoln memorial next to the jefferson memorial?

No. The Lincoln Memorial and Jefferson Memorial are not right next to one another. However, they are walking distance.

How much is a Lincoln steel cent and a silver Jefferson nickel worth?

The Lincoln cent 5 to 10 cents, the Jefferson about $1.00 for the silver.