Who was the founder of awadh?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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burhan ul mulk sa

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Q: Who was the founder of awadh?
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Who was the founder of the autonomous kingdom of awadh?

The founder of the autonomous kingdom of Awadh wasSaadat Khan

When was Awadh created?

Awadh was created in 1732.

When was Fahad Awadh born?

Fahad Awadh was born on 1985-02-26.

How do you get your kcse index number 2012?

Awadh awadh king David high school

Who was the last nawab of awadh?


Which state did not particate on revolt of 1857?


What has the author Awadh Bihari Prasad Singh written?

Awadh Bihari Prasad Singh has written: 'Lead bank scheme' -- subject(s): Banks and banking

What actors and actresses appeared in Alaih el-Awadh - 2003?

The cast of Alaih el-Awadh - 2003 includes: Youseff Daoud Safaa Galal Ilham Shaheen

How is Hasan Bin Abdullah Al Awadh?


How did the British succeed in crushing the rebellion and securing the submission of the landowners of awadh?

they said to the landowners of awadh that if they submit to the british and had not kkilled any white people they will be safe and they will be having the rights over their land.

Who taught qirat to hassan Bin Abdullah Al Awadh?

i am qirat with you

Who was the nawab when dalhousie annexed awadh in 1856?

nasiruddin mahmud shah