Who were Native American talkers?

Updated: 8/23/2023
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The people who spoke the various and incredibly diverse Native American languages were pretty much everyone in the Americas prior to European colonization.

Thus, I'm assuming you mean WINDtalkers. In that case, the Wind Talkers were Navajo/Dineh tribesmen who had been recruited in order to speak in Navajo. They were assigned to various units in the Pacific Theatre and communicated orders and messages between units in Navajo in order to keep it secret from the Japanese. Unlike codes which are based on systems that can be easily decoded, there were no Japanese agents who spoke Navajo. They also had to invent many new words for their language, such as "metal fish" for submarine. See the film with Nicholas Cage and Adam Beech - Wind Talkers.

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First, I sincerely hope you meant an "English-speaking" Native American. In America, one of the languages we speak is English, not American. If you meant American-English, that is acceptable as well.

Secondly, there were many English-speaking Native Americans, and there still are. I am one of them. Some famous English-speaking Native Americans include Gertrude Simmons Bonnin, a very influential writer from the Lakota nation in the 1800s. Her Lakota name is Zitkala-Sa, and she was one of many children sent East for an American education.

Another famous Native American who could speak English was Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce. He gave a wonderful speech, which is the text for the children's book Brother Eagle, Sister Sky.

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Q: Who were Native American talkers?
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Why did they name it the Navajo Code Talkers?

The code talkers were native American from the Navajo tribe. They used their native language to send messages that the Japanese couldn't decode or understand.

What native American tribe assisted the us in world war 2?

Navajo as code talkers

What Native American tribes were used by the US military as code talkers in World War 2?

The Navajo.

What did the native code talkers do in World War 2?

Talked in native american indian languges on radios so Japanese couldnt understand.

Who did the us military get to speak in code that was unbreakablen?

Native American code talkers... the Navajo code talkers recruited by the Marines during the Second World War are the most famous of them, although the Army did recruit some Cherokee, Choctaw, and and Comanche code talkers. Additionally, the Marines hired some native Basque speakers for the same purpose. The "code" they spoke was actually their native language.

Who were the first Code Talkers?

The code-talkers of World War II mostly refer to the Native Americans who used parts of their indigenous languages to translate secret tactical messages into code, then decipher the code back into the message. They were used in the Pacific Theater of World War II, and, to a lesser extent, in the European Theater. The most decorated Native American code-talkers were Navajo, but Native Americans of the Comanche and Meskwaki people also served as code-talkers during the war.

How did the code talkers communicated?

Code talkers were native Americans who spoke to each other in their native language. Since their language was unknown to the enemy they communications were secure.

How did the Marines used members the Navajo tribe during WW2?

The "Code Talkers" helped to confuse the Japanese by using the Native American's language to encrypt radio messages .

Who were the native American code talkers during the attack of pearl harbor?

The Navajos. Their language is complex and only truly understandable to someone who has learned it from birth. It had the Japanese baffled.

Where did World War 2 Code Talkers come from?

Most were Navajo and Hopi, but some were of other Native American tribes. Many came from the reservations in Arizona and New Mexico.

How many original code talkers are left?

It is not known exactly how many of the Native American code talkers perished in World War II but most of them survived. They are mostly dead now from old age.

Who were the code talkers?

Code talkers were Native Americans who served the United States in World War II by using their native languages to describe artillery, armaments, troop movements and so forth. This scheme allowed the war-time commanders to communicate through the code talkers with the presumption that the 'code' in use would never be deciphered. They were correct: the code used by the code talkers was never 'broken'. Read more, below.