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Pocahontas was a child of Chief Powhatan. His older brother was Opechancanough. Chief Powhatan was the paramount chief of Tsenacommacah.

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Q: Who were the people in Chief Powhatan's family?
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Who was the king of the Powhatans?

Wahunsenacawh, often referred to as "Chief Powhatan" was the chief of the Powhatan people of Tsenacommacah.

What is the most interesting fact about chief Powhatan?

whats a interesting fact about the powhatans

Was Pocahantas a Powhatan?

Of course she was Chief Powhatan's daughter.

What was the Powhatans Indian god who punishes people for wrongdoing?


Who are the powhatans enemies?

the Monocans aare the Powhatans enemies

How did the colonists get along with the powhatans people near Jamestown?

*because they work together

What were the powhatans famous for?

the powhatans are famouse because they were the ones who helped the pilgrims grow corn and tabacco. That is all i really know about the powhatans. sorry:(

Do the powhatans hunt?


What saves smith from death after he is tied to a tree?

When Captain John smith was tied to a tree to be executed, Pocahontas pleaded with her father for his life and succeeded. Pocahontas was the daughter of the chief of the Powhatans.

Smith is captured by Native Americans while he was?

John Smith was captured by Native Americans in 1607 while he was looking for food along the Chickahominy River. He was taken to meet the Chief of the Powhatans at Werowocomoco. As he was to be executed, the Chief's daughter, Pocahontas, pleaded with her father to spare his life.

What year did John Rolfe die?

He got married in 1614 to Chief Powhatans Daughter, Pocahontas. That made peace come about between the colonists and the indians.

Who taught the English settlers of Plymouth how to hunt?

Native Americans gave allot of support to the Pilgrims of Plymouth Rock. They helped them grow food and to hunt for it as well.