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"The first indication of the new spirit of abolitionism came in 1829 with the appearance of An Appeal to the Coloured Citizens of the World by David Walker, a free black who had been born in North Carolina and now operated a used-clothing store in Boston. A passionate indictment of slavery and racial prejudice, the Appeal called on black Americans to mobilize for abolition - by force if necessary - and warned whites that the nation faced divine punishment if it did not mend its sinful ways. Walker invoked The Bible and the Declaration of Independence, but he went beyond these familiar arguments to call on blacks to take pride in the achievements of ancient African civilizations and to claim all their rights as Americans. 'Tell us no more about colonization,' Walker wrote, addressing white readers, 'for America is as much our country as it is yours.'"

source; Give Me Liberty! An American History Vol 1 2nd edition by Eric Foner p 422

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David Walker

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Q: Who wrote the appeal to the colored citizens of the world?
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