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because United states :Unites

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Q: Why are you called the unites states of America?
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Why America is called US.?

It's the Unites States because it is composed of fifty individual states

How many state is there in America?

50 states in the unites states :D

What is full form of US?

Unites States of America

Is America a democratic nation?

Yes, the Unites States of America is a democracy.

What countries are part of the NHL?

Canada and the Unites States of America

What is a change in the Unites States constitution called?

Amendment .

Did US mean US or union states?

US means Unites States as in USA or the United States of America

What is the largest lollipop in the unites states?

The largest Lollipops in America are found at DIsneyWorld.

Is the capital of America New York city or Peru?

The capital of the Unites States of America is Washington D.C.

Which term dosen't belong South America US or North America Why?

unites states is a country south and north america are continents

What country has 2 bars going through their dollar sign?

Unites States of America

Where is the federal government?

The federal government of the Unites States of America is located in Washington, DC.