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He was ordered to do so by Congress.


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Q: Why did George Washington change his policy of accepting African Americans in the army?
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Who leaded the African-Americans?

George Washington

Who led enslaved African Americans to freedom?

His name was George Washington

The first african americans in the english colonies were brought to which colony?

The first African Americans in the English colonies were brought to Jamestown.

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nothey arnt if they were then any one with your last name would be related to you

Why did George Washington allow African Americans into the continental army?

Because they were too strong for the brits and also George was racist

How did George Washington policy African Americans change during the war?

At first Washington refused to accept African American soldiers, but when the British offered freedom to enslaved people, He changed his policy by accepting African American soldiers for the war.Source: Prentice Hall AMERICA HISTORY OF OUR NATIONp.s. I know you guys are not doing your homework *coughs* *says Mr. Danish's HONORS class under his breath*-Anonymous

Was George Washington an African?


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wh did americans select george washington as there first president?

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george washington plunkitt

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All US Presidents are Americans. George Washington was the first.

The first african anericansbin th English colonies were brought to which colony and who brought them there?

the first African Americans in the English colony were brought to Plymouth rock by George Washington.