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Some Native American adopted a sedentary lifestyle because they found that farming was an easier and more certain way of getting food than was hunting and gathering alone.

Others adopted that lifestyle because they were forced to after being militarily defeated by the invading Europeans.

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Q: Why did Native Americans adopt a sedentary lifestyle?
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Why did the pueblo peoples adopt a sedentary lifestyle?

They didnt have anything to do with their lives

President Ulysses S. Grant's peace policy toward the Native Americans followed the ideas of the?

President Ulysses S. Grant's peace policy toward Native Americans followed the ideas of assimilation and reservation. He sought to assimilate Native Americans into mainstream American society by encouraging them to adopt a sedentary, agricultural lifestyle. Additionally, Grant supported the establishment of reservations as a means of isolating and controlling Native American populations.

When the Spanish forced the Indians to adopt a sedentary lifestlye how did that affect the ability of the Spanish to convert the Indians?

The mesoamerican native, was sedentary when the Spanish arrived to this part of the world, so they did not force them to be sedentary the Indians that were not sedentary were the chichimecas, or the American Indian or native American.

How did the Columbian Exchange benefit Native Americans?

Well, they got horses so they could start hunting buffalo while riding them, enabling them to adopt a nomadic lifestyle

What is native Americans' adopting European styles of dress a example of?

Native Americans didn’t adopt European dress unless they were forced to.

How did the clergy affect the native Americans?

it forced native Americans to adopt Spanish ways as well as beliefs the priests also made it possible for some blending of the native Americans and Spanish cultures.

How does culture effect your health?

Culture can have a big effect on a person's health. If a person lives in a culture where eating fatty foods and being sedentary is normal, then a person will be more inclined to adopt that lifestyle.

Many white reformers believed that native Americans should?

Be "civilized" and adopt white culture.

What was the first colony to allow freedom of religion?

Delaware it was the first state to adopt the Constitution.

How come Native Americans have European names?

Native Americans were forced to adopt "European" or "Christian" names by the settlers. These same settlers saw a problem with with names such as Moose Dung (A Ojibwa tribal leader c.1860).

Can Americans adopt a child in UK?

yes you can adopt a child almost anywhere

Did Most Native Americans eagerly adopted European technology?

Some Native Americans did adopt European technology such as metal tools and firearms if they saw practical benefits. However, adoption varied among different tribes and often depended on the specific context and consequences of using European technology.