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They came to find gold that they had heard was in that area, and hoped to become rich.

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So they could try to find the 7 city's of Cibola (which doesn't exist)

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Q: Why did Spanish explorers come to California?
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Which European explorers visited California?

Which European explorers visited California and where did they come from?

When did Spanish explorers first reach California?

The Spanish explorers first reached California in 1542, led by Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo. They landed in what is now San Diego.

Who named California when and what does California mean?

Spanish explorers gave California its name. The name California comes from a mythical island in a 1510 Spanish book.

When did the Spanish explorers claim Mexico Texas and California?


What is the main Aztec influence on Mesoameric?

By many of the Spanish explorers the Aztecs were conquered by the Spanish and the Spanish were the first explorers to come to the New World

Who were the Explorers from California?

The explorers for California were Spanish-missionaries, fur trappers, Mexican settlers/ land grants, John Sutter, John C. , gold miners.

Who were the first explorers to come to the Grand Canyon?

The Spanish in 1540.

The first European explorers to come to Louisiana were from which nation?


Why did English explorers come to the new world 100 years later after the spanish explorers?

To find out more

What language did the Spanish explorers speak?

The Spanish explorers spoke Spanish.

How was California founded?

Spanish explorers came to California thinking it was part of Mexico. They named it California after a song. In the song there is an imaginary island. The is called "Las Sergas de Esplandian."

What year did the first spanish explorers come to America?

1200 a.D