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Because the were allowed to live in Spanish towns as equals

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Q: Why did many enslaved African Americans flee to Spanish Florida colony?
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Why did many enslaved African Americans flee to Spain's Florida colony?

Bcause they were bored

What motive did African Americans have to support the Spanish occupation of Florida?

D: The Spanish offered the slaves the opportunity to own land.

An African known as Estevan and enslaved by the Spanish?


How did Native Americans life's changed after the Spanish did what?

The enslaved them

Who suggested using enslaved africans as workers?

The Spanish people suggested using enslaved Africans as workers. The African people sold their own people to the Spanish so they are also responsible for suggestion if African being enslaved.

Describe life in a spanish colony for the owner of an ecomedia a native americanan enslaved African?

the native Americans on the land had to work for the new owner, and the colonist agreed to house and feed them

What year did the first spanish ship carry enslaved africans to the Americans?


Who were the people who died from hunger overwork and diseases after being enslaved by the spanish?

Native americans

In the encomienda system spanish colonist were expected to?

The Spanish used encomienda by demanding labor from native americans living on the land. The colonists enslaved the Native Americans.

What were the five rules the Mexican government made for American colonists in Texas?

The five rules were: Americans had to speak spanish, become catholics, and become Mexican citizens. they had to obey Mexican laws and they could not bring enslaved African Americans to Texas

Did the Spanish colonize the Americans?

Yes, the Spanish colonized the southwest and Florida.

Spanish response to Native Americans?

The Spanish response to native Americans was generally to either leave them alone or make them slaves. Many tribes were enslaved for plantation and other hard labor.