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the woodkerne attacked the english and scottish settlers as they stole the woodkerne's (native irish) land

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Q: Why did the woodkerne attack the settlers?
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What is a good name for a newspaper to do with the Woodkerne?

"The Woodkerne Chronicle" or "Woodkerne Gazette" could be good names for a newspaper focused on the Woodkerne community.

What does woodkerne mean?

A woodkerne was an English name the Irish outlaws at the time of the Ulster plantation. They were mostly peasants who's land hand been taken by the English and were forced to live in the forest like savages.

Why did the Seminole attack some of the settlers?

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What's a woodkerne?

its what the English called the Irish who had no homes after the English scum took their land and who had to live in the woods and stuff. the English scum then cleared patches of woods so both wolves and woodkerne had no places to hide.

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mayfower compact

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