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Because it can be sited or changed by anyone

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Anyone with a computer can gain information.

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Q: Why do people say that user generated sites such as wikipedia make information more democratic?
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Why do people say that user-generated sites such as Wikipedia make information more democratic?

Because it can be sited or changed by anyone

Why do people say that user generated sites as Wikipedia make information more democratic?

Because it can be sited or changed by anyone

Is all of Wikipedia true?

Sadly not all of Wikipedia is true. Wikipedia is an online user generated encyclopedia which can be edited by anyone. Some of the people editing have no idea what they are talking about leading to incorrect content. While there are many people on Wikipedia that try to correct these mistakes, they cannot catch all of them.

Where does Wikipedia get his information?

Wikipedia is like WikiAnswers for a lot of the things so they get their answeers from people like me.

How do people add information to Wikipedia?

To add information to Wikipedia, you must click on edit on the top of the page and add your information. To edit semi-protected articles, you must have an account.

What is the impact to Wikipedia if the information contained in its database is of low quality?

Impact of Low Quality InformationIf Wikipedia had low quality information, people would stop using the site and go to another site to get reliable information. The fact that so many people use Wikipedia is a testament to the reliability of the information the site provides.

Is Wikipedia unreliable?

No. Wikipedia is not unreliable. It is a service that provides free information across 500 million people a month. People CAN get in and edit information. Most of the time the information is accurate and when it is inaccurate, others change it pretty quickly.

Where online can one find information about Journey South?

One can find a lot information about Journey South online. The website with the most information on Journey South is Wikipedia. Wikipedia has a lot of information compiled by many people.

Where can one find reliable information about plasma display online?

Wikipedia has a whole page on every single thing you need to know about plasma display. Many people criticize wikipedia for false information but wikipedia has reliable information because it is factual and everything has a reference for proof.

Where can you find information on free web?

The best place to find free information on the web is Wikipedia. Wikipedia has millions of articles on any subject imaginable, people, places, historical, basically anything.

Where can one find information on Huron people?

One can find information on Huron people online at websites such as Wikipedia, Britannica, and Encyclopedia. In addition to finding information on Huron people, one could also try looking for information on Wyandot (Huron) people.

Where can you get unbiassed information about over the counter meds?

go to wikipedia. it is trustworthy, despite what people say