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American culture (for good or ill) is a synthetic blend of other cultures and ideas, which Americans were free to adopt because of multi-ethnic Immigration (the "melting pot") and because the American Revolution was a break with the past, rejecting not only British rule, but also rejecting many of the entrenched attitudes that went along with the British Empire, and creating new ones.

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Q: Why is American culture so unique and different than other cultures?
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How did slaves keep their African culture alive in the American colonies?

When the African Slaves were enslaved, they sang slave songs. Some were secret messages, and others helped to preserve their culture. They sang about several different things, and about loved ones or about things they loved, and the songs were passed down from generation to generation.

Are Native Americans a culture or civilization?

Both! They been on the North American and South American Continents for Thousands of years before the Portuguese and Spanish Came here Thousands of years before the Whites came. each has their culture, Some similar and each unique. and many still carry their traditions even today. in the north America there are Bands of the Pacific North west and Southern and Eastern tribes All have the Drum in common.

What is the history of the definition unique?

Unique means one of a kind or other words different.

Burial and mourning practices of pre-colonial time?

Each pre-colonial culture had a different burial and mourning practice, all of which vary widely. Some involve cremation of the body, and others involve interrment of the body beneath a large burial mound. Some mourning practices involve large dances and celebrations of life, while others are much more sorrowful. The pre-colonial cultures each expressed their sorrow differently, and processed the loss of a life in unique ways.

What are examples of the Philippines contribution to the US?

cuisine, culture, language, tinikling/other dance, and as a unique ethnicity Filipinos help transform what it means to be Asian.

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What is Trinidad's culture?

there are a few different cultures like music traditions and unique things that Trinidad has

What is the most common culture?

It is difficult to determine the most common culture globally as there are many diverse cultures around the world. Some of the most prominent cultures include Chinese, Indian, American, and European cultures, each with its own unique traditions, beliefs, and customs.

Did Native American tribes developed unique cultures because their environments were different?

I have no M'F clue that's why I asked...

All cultures have the same beliefs and practices?

No,every culture and religion is different and celebrate in there own unique way.

What is the idea that the different peoples who have come to the US have mixed together to create a new culture?

This idea is referred to as cultural assimilation or the melting pot theory. It suggests that the diverse backgrounds and cultures of different groups coming to the US have blended together to form a unique American culture.

Why do people have different cultures?

because they are unique.

Is the culture of Norway unique or influenced?

Some aspects are unique, and some aspects are influenced by other European, and later American culture.

Why do you think dance has cultural significance for different groups of people?

It is a way of expressing themselves and it is a way of adding a unique twist to their culture.

What is one item that makes your culture different from other cultures?

One item that sets my culture apart is the traditional clothing we wear, which is distinctive and has deep cultural significance. It often reflects our unique history, values, and identity in a way that is instantly recognizable to people from our culture.

Is there any specific french cultures in Madagascar?

No, there are not any listed specific French cultures in the country of Madagascar. The culture in Madagascar is unique and independent and unlike the cultures of other countries including France.

Is Philippines superior or inferior to other cultures?

No! Philippine culture is not inferior in any way to other cultures. Everyone places a premium on his/her culture. The way American, Nigerian, British or German culture is important to their people, is the same way Philippines culture is important to its people. Everyone respects the culture of the other person. No attempt should be made to look down on the cultures of other people. Arguments about cultural superiority can bring about avoidable conflicts. When we respect the culture of other people the same way we respect ours, the world becomes a better place to live in.

Are the inuit people all different cultures or all the same?

The Inuit People are a culture all their very own, although they are the very first really truly Canadian people along with the First Nation native people, their customs and language is truly unique and vastly different from any other culture.