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Because it meant they would have a surplus of what they farmed

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The introduction of farming was an important event because nomadic people, instead of gathering or hunting food, could now settle in one place with enough food to feed their entire community.

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Agriculture allowed people to settle down in a single location instead of constantly moving from place to place in search of food/animals.

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Q: Why was farming important to early man?
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What was early man called when he could not farm?

Hunter-Gatherers was the stage of early man before farming.

Who evented farming?

Early Man, about 6,000 years ago.

How early man got an idea of farming?

they wanted food

What are the 6 stages of early man?


What activity was most important to the Virginia Colony's early economy?

tobacco farming

What were the occupation of the people in early days?

Farming, trades, arts, soldiers, sailors, traders, slaves.

Why are caves in southern France important to prehistory?

They contain the pictographs of early man and the evidence of early man.

What item below was NOT an important farming invention of early civilizations?

We don’t have your list so we can’t give you an answer.

How did farming help the early man in their life?

It provided food for their families and was able to be used in trade for items that was needed.

What do the early man eat?

likely any animal, berries and plants they could find until they started farming

What was the most important development of early man?


What is farming consider to be important?

it is considered to be important because from farming we get food