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What was the first Main section in the declaration of Independence

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the spread of the idea of liberty

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Q: Why was the American victory in the revolutionary war significant?
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What was significant about the patriot victory at the Battle of Yorktown?

it ended the Revolutionary War

Why was the American victory at the battle battle of Saratoga significant?

France decided to help the Americans

What led to the American victory of the revolutionary war?

George Washington

The southern stage of the revolutionary war ended with an american victory at?


Which continent had increased population as a result of the American victory in the revolutionary war?


Which victory led to French support in the American Revolutionary War?

The Battle of Saratoga.

Why is the burgoyne's surrender an important event in the american revolution?

Burgoyne's surrender was the most significant victory the colonists had achieved up to that point in the Revolutionary War. It is considered to have been a turning point in the war.

Why did the victory at Yorktown end the war?

During the American Revolutionary War, the American victory at Yorktown (Virginia) in 1781 resulted in the end of the war because of the significant British losses in that battle. Losing over 7,000 soldiers after also having their fleet routed, the British reckoned that the war had become too costly; to continue it (let alone pursue final victory in it) was simply not affordable.

What was the American victory in the Revolutionary War that led France to help the Patriots?

George Washington

What American victory in the revolutionary war that led France to help the patriots?

the battle at Yorktown

What was significant of the battles of Lexington and Concorde?

the American Revolutionary War began

What is significant about October 19Th in American history?

Surrender at Yorktown, which ended the American Revolutionary War!!