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they want to be with other people

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What t f
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Ofc dumby

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are no

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Q: Why would people prefer to settle with others from their original homes?
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Who were the original people to settle in Italy?


Did the original people of Ecuador settle with peace?


Why do people prefer to settle close to water?

because water it the basis of life.

What conclusion can you draw about where people in the middle east prefer to settle?

People in the Middle East prefer to settle in areas where freshwater is readily accessible, either from rivers or lakes. In modern times, this has extended to regions where oil wealth is sufficient to provide for desalination plants in coastal regions.

Why do most of the people want to settle abroad?

People would settle abroad if they are tired &/or bored of their original country.

Why northern plains are densely populated?

The Northern Plains of India are densely populated due to the fine alluvium deposits which makes the plain very fertile.Hence,many farmers prefer to settle here, people also settle here as it is the best landform to settle on and it has the most facilities like transportation, communication etc.

Why do people settle in Omen?

why do people settle in canada

Where did the people settle in Egypt?

Where did the people settle in Egypt?

Were Maori the first people to settle in New Zealand?

Yes, the Maori are the original inhabitants of the islands we now call New Zealand.

How did topography affect people's of where to settle?

All civilizations need water. They need a source of drinking water to survive. Also, farmers prefer flatlands more than mountains.

Where did the original 13 colonies settle?

Along the East coast

Pioneers tended to settle with others from their home communities along?

They tended to settle along great lakes.