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flying buttresses

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Q: A key feature of Gothic architecture is?
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When did gothic architecture start?

The gothic era started sometime in the early to mid 1300s. Gothic art and architecture continued to be very popular until the 1600s.

Did gothic fashion come from the gothic period?

No, only Gothic style architecture developed from the Gothic period. Fashion came later in the neo-gothic era.

Origin of gothic architecture?

Gothic architecture was an evolution of the Romanesque, originated in 12th century in the North France. This architecture is well represented and expressed in the designs and architecture of old churches.

What was the gothic period and culture?

The heyday of Gothic styles in architecture was about 1180-1500 or possibly 1550ish in some regions. Gothic styles - and the movement was above all architectural - became increasingly ornate and elaborate after about 1380-1400. The style was most fully developed in Northern and Central Europe - France, Britain, Central Europe (as far east as Transylvania) - and also parts of Italy, Spain and Portugal. Key features included: flying buttresses to support the walls and roofs. This allowed for large stained glass windows. Another key feature was the pointed arch (as opposed to the round arch inherited from ancient Rome); also large areas devoted to the choir, screens shutting off the choir and sancturary from the nave; spire (on top of towers). Gothic architecture (except perhaps at the end, when it became playful) tended to make churches dark and mysterious places of awe, sometimes even with a whiff of the uncanny. In painting, 'Gothic' art sometimes tended to be two-dimensional. Note that the term 'Gothic' was first used after about 1530 and meant something like 'barbaric'. From about 1770 onwwards there was a 'Gothic revival', with Gothic and pseudo-Gothic styles again popular. Two outstanding examples in Britain are the Houses of Parliament and St Pancras Station. 1. Gothic horror novels were a separate, literary development from the 1760s onwards. Please see link below. 2. The modern 'Goth cult' is something different again. Please see link below. (It has a section discussing the development of the terms Gothic and Goth).

What is gothic renaissance mean?

The Gothic Renaissance was a time period during the European Renaissance where gothic art started popping up every where. There is gothic architecture all over Europe and it is defined usually by the use of a pointed arch. Also rib vaults, buttresses and large windows.

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What innovations were key in Gothic architecture?

Rib Vaulting

One feature distinguishing Gothic architecture from Romanesque was the extensive use of?

stained glass

What are some characteristics of gothic furniture?

There are a few key characteristics of Gothic furniture: they are ornate and decorated with the styles associated with Gothic or church architecture such as quatrefoil and trefoil shapes.

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What inspired gothic architecture?

Churches were one of the inspirations for Gothic architecture. Islamic architecture was another influence on Gothic architecture. You will also find some small Renaissance influences.

Medieval style of architecture similar to buildings in ancient rome?

romanesque.Medieval architecture is actually referred to as Gothic Architecture.

What has the author Mathilde Brosseau written?

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Where in particular gothic architecture started?

Gothic architecture originated in Northern France, starting in the Paris area.

What has the author Peter H Brieger written?

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What has the author Geoffrey Fairbank Webb written?

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Medieval style of architecture?

Medieval style architecture is the same as Gothic Architecture.