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The absolute monarch was named King Louis XIV. The answer to your AP History HW. ^_^

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The absolute French monarch that ruled for 72 years was King Louis XIV. He ruled from May 14, 1643 to September 1, 1715, and was also known at Louis the Great.

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Louis XIV....ik u in that social studies book

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Q: Absolute french monarch who reigned for seventy-two years?
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Absolute French monarch who reigned for seventy years?

i think its Louis xiv i am not sure

Who held power before the French Revolution?

France was reigned by an Absolute Monarch, King Louis XVI.

What did the French Revolution result in?

It ended the reign of an absolute monarch.

What is the aftermath of the French Revolution?

France ended the reign of an absolute monarch.

Traditional French system in which the king was an absolute monarch?

Old Regime

Which french leader is thought of as the most powerful absolute monarch in french history?

Louis XIV

Who governed the French before the revolution?

King Louis XVI as an absolute monarch.

Who was the French absolute monarch who called himself the Sun King to show that he was the center of the French nation?

Louis XIV (14th)

What was the effect of absolute monarch social class structure and Foundation of National Assembly?

French revolution

Was Louis xiv's reign the longest in french history?

Louis XIV reigned from 1638-1715 for a total of 72 years. He is the longest reigning monarch in European History and in French history he is the longest reigning monarch consequently. The only other French monarch to come close to that length was Lous XIV's great-grandson, Louis XV (60 years).

Why did Austria not like the french revolution?

a) it was opposed to the absolute power of monarchs, and the Emperor of Austria was an absolute monarch. b) The Emperor of Austria was Marie-Antoinette's brother

Who was not a French monarch?

To my knowledge, I have not yet been a French monarch.